Psykotribe – Devil’s Complex

Psykotribe Devil’s Complex cover
Devil’s Complex
Combat Records
Psykotribe is a band from Tampa, Florida, freshly signed to Combat Records, the recently resurrected historic label by Megadeth’s D. Ellefson. Unfortunately, the masked band that had been around for some time (read ten years) prior to debuting this year with “Devil’s Complex”, looks like the geriatric parents of currently still hot Lacuna Coil and sounds like the slightly more adept technically cousins of Coal Chamber, mixed with the aforementioned Coil’s harder edged moments, with bits and pieces of Slipknot and Korn from back in the day.
So, nu metal basically, which can solo a bit on the side, but is unlikely to impress too much whoever is likely to see them opening for Six Feet Under soon. I mean I kinda liked parts of opener “Live Evil” and some of “River of Knives” and I sort of get the Prong like hook/riff of main single “End It”, but somehow, I can’t see these guys becoming a household name for a variety of reasons.
Now if only they’d prove me wrong, I’d color my self-impressed. But a press release that mentions how the band charted via a bonus disc given away along with their famous boss’ solo album, sounds rather desperate, than a winner. For real….