Primus - The Desaturating Seven

Primus The Desaturating Seven cover
The Desaturating Seven
ATO Records
“The Desaturating Seven” is the overall ninth album for Primus, a band quite eccentric and unique. Rejoined by their original drummer, Tim Alexander, the past two albums seem to be adapting from popular culture, at first with a re-imagining of Willy Wonka’s soundtrack and now with an album based on Ul D’Erico’s “Rainbow Goblins” – a children’s book given the Primus treatment.
Ridiculously rhythmical and psyched out, the album sounds quite epic but also claustrophobic at the same time… as if somebody asked Cpt Beefheart to sing to children… sort of. In fact, the band’s idiosyncratic style is still largely there, but sounding a lot more subdued and cinematic in nature. There ain’t two ways about it, Primus both are directed towards a very specific “crowd” and most of the people that profess love for them, I doubt if they could name more than an album let alone a song.
Les and co here, keep preaching to the converted in a twisted, alternative, acidly progressive way.  Hallelujah, motherf@ckers!