Place Vendome - Streets of Fire

Place Vendome Streets of Fire cover
Place Vendome
Streets of Fire
Frontiers Records
I was waiting for the second album of Place Vendome. I was pretty sure that Dennis Ward and his co. would give us again a brilliant melodic rock album and so they did. “Streets of Fire” is close to the debut album of the band with brilliant orchestrations, hit songs and excellent performances from all the band… especially Kiske is in great shape… the vocals are stellar… what a great singer he is.
The albums begins with the heaviest song of the album (as the debut did) the homonymous “Streets of Fire” which is kind like the fantastic “Cross the Line”.
“My Guardian Angel” is a very touching melodic rock song and most people consider it the best song of the album. It has a very memorable chorus.
“Completely Breathless” is still in the rock side of the band but kind more emotional… very nice lyrical concept.
“Follow Me” is cooler – a pure AOR tune I would call it, not the best song of the album but still a good one.
“Set Me Free” slows things down a little, as it has a moodier atmosphere… needs more playing and you will love it.
Time to rock again with “Believer”… a very good AOR tune.
“Valerie (The Truth Is In Your Eyes)” is another first-rate up-tempo AOR song straight from the heart of the 80s… superb.
The mid-tempo “A Scene In Reply” is one of my beloved songs… wonderful orchestration, fantastic bridge with a catchy as hell chorus… outstanding!
Back to the basics with “Changes”… a wonderful melodic rock song with an amazing bridge/chorus… Michael sings his heart out!
“Surrender Your Soul” is one more pure up-tempo AOR tune with a brilliant chorus… another winner on the album.
“Dancer” is a hard edge rocker with a nice chorus and finally “I’d Die For You” is a moving ballad which has a superb orchestration (starts slow – then becomes more powerful) and an enormous chorus… exceptional performance by Michael on this song again! The songs on this album were written by different songwriters, such as: Magnus Karlsson (“My Guardian Angel”), Torsti Spoof (Leverage) (“Dancer”, “Changes”, “Believer” and the title-track “Streets of Fire”), Ronny Milianowicz (Saint Deamon and songwriter for Primal Fear) (“Surrender Your Soul”, “Completely Breathless” and “A Scene In Replay”) & Robert Sall (Work of Art, W.E.T) (“Follow Me” and “Valerie”).
The production is top-notch and the line-up has remained unchanged with Ward, Zafiriou, Reitenauer and Werno supplying all the necessary musicianship and skill to make this new album a success. A promo video-clip for the song” My Guardian Angel” is included as a special interactive bonus on the album and marks Michael Kiske’s visual return on the scene after years of a self-imposed exile. If you love the debut album this one will blow you away as well… it’s simply one of the best melodic rock/AOR albums of 2009.