Phallax - Relics of Harmony

Phallax Relics of Harmony cover
Relics of Harmony
Metalapolis Records
PhallaX is a German band that has been around for about 10 years, only managing to produce a self-distributed first album and afterwards and EP and this new album so far. Their style is a somewhat shouty and modern at times power metal, that did brought me to mind, on occasion the more commercial and modern moments of Armored Saint and possibly a more epic Bush-led Anthrax, since they do manage to have some nice enough guitars, throughout the album. Basically they did remind me a number of 90s melodic power metal bands (a lot of them also from Germany) that were pretty decent, but unfortunately didn’t go far due to the public’s lack of interest.
The cover, is an example of bad expressionism, but if one looks past that, most of the songs, seem to have some potential, that goes somewhat wasted, by the bands somewhat indecisive orientation towards the exact genre they’d like to gravitate towards... Heavy? Power? Thrash? They do seem to have aspects of all of the above and enough raw talent and good ideas, but the way in which they present them, could have been more convincing. There are a number of good tracks on the album, particularly the opening trio of “Little Things”, “For the Birds”, “Jorn” all have some pretty cool and nifty ideas... and then there are a lot more songs with fine riffs and good ideas...
The overall presentation is where, Phallax, trail behind a bit and maybe getting their direction a little clearer. A bit tighter mix and a bit more attitude in the vocals, which aren't bad, but feel like they could be improved a bit, I believe would have paid in dividends in the case of these guys... who knows… I’d keep an eye on them.