Persona - Elusive Reflections

Persona Elusive Reflections cover
Elusive Reflections
Independent Release
Tunisia is not exactly the first country that comes to your mind, when it comes to metal, but ever since Myrath caused quite a stir, more and more bands seem to be coming forth “from the sands”… with a bit of a scene going on there, a bit of a surprise actually, as “western” influences seem to be either straightforward banned or even in some North African and Arabic countries persecuted, so for “metal” actually to spring up in such places, it seems to come as a precursor to more secularism etc. (which is not that bad… actually the whole world could do with some more of it).
Persona is a female fronted band from Tunisia that seems to fuse together some rock/metal influences, with a few traditional touches and some “goth” passages, although they sound quite unique, because of the band’s background not being the typical one for that genre. They display a decent level of musical mastery and have managed a quite decent if not a little too modern production, which is quite commendable, with this being their debut. Songwriting wise too, they’re not too shabby quite reminiscent of a mix of Stream Of Passion and other similar bands but not relying as much on the keys, than on guitars… at least as the album goes on, since the first few songs seem to be a bit more keyboard heavy. “Blinded”, “Forgotten”, “Persona” and “Sea of Fallen Stars” are among the better moments, with no “bad” ones in sight…
Surprisingly singer/pianist Jelena Dobric doesn’t have an accent (that’s traceable) although her timbre is a bit more “exotic” than you’d come to expect in this “genre”, but I mean this as a compliment obviously. The entire band actually is pretty good and I’m just guessing that the only thing that slightly annoys me is a relative “thinness” in the overall sound, which could use a bit more bass and possibly the decrease of “presence” of some instruments that do sound a bit too bright… it’s a good mix, but not perfect, but with this being their debut, the young Tunisians show a lot of promise that they could possibly capitalize with their next release. Check them out, you might actually like them…