Perfect Blue Sky - The Eye of Tilos

Perfect Blue Sky The Eye of Tilos cover
Perfect Blue Sky
The Eye of Tilos
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Perfect Blue Sky, by their name alone intrigued me. Their album “The Eye of Tilos” is the second attempt to conquer the world, by Perfect Blue Sky, a bizarre duo from Sweden and Australia, not exactly the closest of countries one would expect people to start and maintain a music project from. Still they seem to go against the grain and to not be too bothered, with their laid back acoustic style based on long jam style sections for the most part, not fighting too hard for “world domination” – rather being hippily happy to exist.
Their stripped down production and simple and accessible style is rather timeless and certainly easy for someone to get in, as it doesn’t feel too intricate of mind bending complex and the melodies are simple and effective, working or not pretty much straight away.
There’s a San Fran 60s vibe that extends to some (Green) Fleetwood Mac and goes up to some 70s prog/funky stuff. The 1-2 of “Give You My Love” and “Astronaut” are particular such examples.
There are more highlights in the album like the funky “Get Lost, Get Found” and the also groove-y “Fiction Man”. “Wind’s Ransom” is more big, epic 70s epic rock, surprisingly full sounding for such a spartan setup. “Scrapbook” is ponderous 70s stuff, with a wiff of Bob, while “Sunoir” is another interesting one is sounds a lot like early 70s Heart, which is a pretty good thing to be compared to I guess, while “Wasteland” is a whole lot more psychedelic 60’s alike. “Silverstream” even has echoes of Floyd in there, for good measure. All in all, a nice selection that’s also enhanced by two bonus tracks in the form of “Portrait of Love” (featuring Jerry Donahue) and “Head in the Clouds” (featuring Dave Getz) both acoustic affairs the former a bit more folklore and the later, a little trippier.
Simple, mellow stuff that is easy to listen to and to like. It lacks a bit in punch, but excels in atmosphere and character.