Perfect Blue Sky - Emerald

Perfect Blue Sky Emerald cover
Perfect Blue Sky
Scarecrow Music
Perfect Blue Sky is a multinational collective of musicians, coming from places as far apart as Sweden (guitarist Pna Andersson) and Australia, (Jane Kitto – vocals). They are the nucleus of the band and they have various people guesting on the album, which is free spirited, rock, with folk and psychedelic mood swings, all the time...
Largely electroacoustic and laid back for the most part, “Emerald” tends to lead the listener down a path of relaxation and soothing, earthly vibes. There’s a whiff of Zeppelin in the, without the crazy vocal ups and downs and perhaps a bit of Fleetwood Mac, (Buckingham/Nicks era). But unlike those bands here the mood is always soft and their songs well-crafted as they might be, after you’ve heard a few in succession, fail to be either, superbly catchy or keep you interested. They have a good thing going on and there are quite a few subtle differences between songs that are too laid back like the cool opener “Phoenix Starlight”, and the rockier “Kingdom”, which has some Jethro Tull vibe going on... “Hence Your Body” is rockier too, but in a 60s hippy way… “The Flight of Vladimir” (Пу́тин?) is way out there, soft and could have easily come out in the 60s, by the JA. “Aquaria” has some proto-glam rock licks, being slightly reminiscent of a stripped down, early Bowie style too, that sometimes, included more spaced out, ideas...
I love the era and have recently tried to delve into it, but in the case or Perfect Blue Sky, I dunno... I suppose bands like The Blue Pills who are just a little heavier, managed to gain quite a bit of a following in recent years, but I dunno if this release on probably a private company could antagonize, bands and releases like that, not that it sets out to do in the first place... I’m just pondering the target audience for a release like this. If you like the 60 and early 70s and soft jams are your thing, this might not be too bad.