Perfect Beings - Perfect Beings II

Perfect Beings Perfect Beings II cover
Perfect Beings
Perfect Beings II
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Perfect Beings have only been here for 3 years, as they started in 2012, and this is their sophomore release. The band is into the atmospheric melodic side of prog rock music with influences from the 70s, the 80s and some contemporary ones. They do add various experimental, pop-rock, classical, ambient and jazz-rock elements to their music. They will surely bring some of the big prog rock band of the 70s/80s on your mind and that ain’t a bad thing.
I kinda feel that Perfect Beings play it safe… and in the end they’re not so “forward-thinking” as a progressive act should be. They do have some very good moments but that does not change the final outcome, which is fine but not as innovative & refined as it could be. This is a new band which needs time and experiments so as to go to another level and most importantly of all, they should not be afraid to try out new things and push their limits to the maximum. This “prog rock music” by the book is becoming a bit too predictable in our time and does not justify the word “progressive” at long last. Also the singer may not be quite impressive, as he has a limited voice range but he does fit this moody progy style.
Then again the musicianship is very strong and the production is soft and full. “Perfect Beings II” may not change your point of view about prog rock music and it also may not be something pioneering but it is a more than decent album with some very intense moments. If you like the band’s debut, then give this album a chance as well.