Peekaboo Primate - Misanthropical

Peekaboo Primate Misanthropical cover
Peekaboo Primate
Inverse Records
Peekaboo Primate, quite a whacky name, and their music ain’t a laughing matter either as their eccentric alt-metal borrows equally from Faith No More and System Of a Dawn and who knows what else. It’s just starts and stops randomly changing the beat quite freakishly… well there’s obvious modernism here and while everyone will be quick to brand the odd rhythms, jazz inspired, this is a little too “common”.
Even people who wrote “whacky” jazzy parts and where musical geniuses didn’t quite allow the “oddity” to be the basis of what they did and these Finns, while they have some good ideas, ie “Nothing”, are just too weird and wacky, all the time… Even when they haul in cute and talented Noora Louhimo, the current singer of Battle Beast, for “Heroine”, while she offers a somewhat normal if not harmonized to fit the “modern” style performance, Peekaboo’s singer and main-guy Lauri, can’t help to be his usual “weird” and acid self… complete with 8 bit riffing!
I dunno… I recently have become more appreciative of “whacky” stuff, primarily after I started listening to a lot of psych 60s etc., but I still like the somewhat more prog and arranged stuff, or if it’s gonna go acid, the completely bonkers stuff. I must say that I did enjoy the minimal but spacey outro of “291112” however…