Paul Bremner - The Witness

Paul Bremner The Witness cover
Paul Bremner
The Witness
Doone Records
Paul Bremner is the guitarist of IZZ, a 90 US prog band with several albums, but probably not the widest appeal. “The Witness” is his second solo outing, coming more than a decade after his debut, “Wombsong”. He uses both the ladies, who sing in IZZ as well as pretty much – everyone in the band, in an album that could very much be considered like an alternative take on IZZ, with the songs being probably a tad simpler and not as long winded, apart from the last song “Last Exit Before Toll” (actually 5 separate songs making up one longer composition/suite).
Prog Rock that might find ears willing to pay attention among fans of Wilson and others, who indulge into urban sounding prog with songs like “Warm”, the title track and the “Wings of the Angels” being relative highlights…