Path Of Samsara - The Fiery Hand

Path Of Samsara The Fiery Hand cover
Path Of Samsara
The Fiery Hand
Ván Records
Germans. This album came with a two line description... Magic Rock n Roll, no bio/details let the music do the talking. I’ll try and keep this review in a similar spirit and length, although 2 lines feel a bit restrictive but I’ll try to be brief. This German trio of geezers with somewhat hipster looks (?) that I have no details about does perform a rather dry joyless rock hybrid that’s supposedly has some occult leanings. While the do what they do sufficiently well and have a good production which however would have benefited the result if it were more massive, they miss the “magic” and “soul” and “fire” in their performances that would make them sound truly great. Possibly the same guys, stoned and drunk out of their minds would sound fantastic but right now you have a band that’s too clean sounding for what they’re trying to do. And by “too clean” I don’t mean they should screw up their production but be more loose and jammy... Towards the end of “Death Aeon Gateway” they almost do that but they’re too “damn” proper to just let the feedback fuck everything up… Should they be able to overcome that, they will be quite excellent as all other aspects seem to check out OK.
I suggest a large drug intake and holidays and recording in one of the Southern protectorates. And carving a pentacle on one’s forehead might kinda look cool for promotional reasons… worth keeping an eye out for in the future.