Pat Travers Band - Can Do

Pat Travers Band Can Do cover
Pat Travers Band
Can Do
Frontiers Records
Who doesn’t know the renowned guitarist & vocalist Pat Travers? His 70s & 80s releases have left their mark on the classic rock genre of that era. As Pat said, Frontiers approached & asked him if he could create some music reminiscent of his earlier albums that were done in the U.K. and South Florida in the late 70s & early 80s. That’s the point, after all, in our time; when someone is imitating the 70s era, he has a moustache and wears bell-bottom trousers! If we can listen to the music by the actual creators of that time then it’s way better than listening to a bunch of copycats.
Pat is doing as told or as he promised to his label. He said give me time so that I do not get distracted by any outer influences and I’ll be creative. I’ll go along with this statement. “Can Do” is a solid album with rockin’ tunes and a late 70/early80s “atmosphere” but not a retro one. The production is also tight & rocking.
Do not ask for any new things here. It’s just what Pat knows to do best. Certainly, “Can Do”, can’t beat his 70s/80s works but it’s good, with a strong musicianship, a great production and fine tracks. I didn’t fancy the cover on “Here Comes the Rain Again” by Eurythmics, but that’s my personal point of view. I do think that the best songs here are: “Can Do”, “Diamond Girl” and the instrumental “Keep Calm & Carry On”. If this kind of music attracts you, then give it a listen… Pat knows the “how to” when it comes to rock music…