Party Animals - Light a Fan Cool

Party Animals Light a Fan Cool cover
Party Animals
Light a Fan Cool
Street Symphonies Records
Party Animals are an Italian quartet consisting of two males and two females, that have put out an EP entitled “Rock N Roll” in 2012 and now return with a full length. There are quite a bunch of things that are wrong about them. The production of this full-length is not good, and it sounds like an average demo, great rehearsal. The band’s performances at best are rather sloppy and lethargic, which ain’t at this point the main problem, but… somehow, when the guitar’s about to launch into a solo, things seem to go a bit more into focus, which is kinda funny! Also the singer, well she cusses all the time, but thankfully most of it is bloody unintelligible, I couldn’t tell what the hell she was singing about, apart from hell, baby, motherf$#ker, asshole, and a few other things that she pronounces clear enough!
The best thing that the band has going on about it at the moment is the guitar, because everything else needs to be seriously reconsidered. The guys and girls need to practice a lot more to become more coherent and their singer needs to try harder with her accent and drop fewer fuck bombs, it’s not charming and it doesn’t shock anyone, really, even their better songs, are the ones towards the middle and latter part of the album, where there’s hardly any cussing.
F@ck, You Baby” should be pretty obvious, tries to be, I dunno, a dirty rock ‘n roller, but, where, bands like Crucified Barbara, sound mean and thrilling, this sounds, rather boring other than the main riff.
“Damned Road” sure enough has a decent melody, and a bunch more “f@ck offs” in there… and could have worked as a bit of a mini hit, if it was a bit tighter I suppose.
“Set Me Free” now this is where this band could be meaning business, but they seem more preoccupied with using some harsh vocabulary, than, actually making this quite nice song work… Their command of English, is palpable and they haven't done anything about that... other than insert a few more FU’s in there…
“A New Day” is a “f@ck-less” ballad, but here, the bad quality of the recording, becomes painfully obvious with the drums and the vocal compression really sticking out in painfully obvious and amateur ways. A quite decent attempt though.
“I Wanna Get It All” is 4 minutes of pure boredom, over a bad riff and inane, lyrics.
“Hellfire” is no picnic, but somewhat better, although, again things are plagued mostly by the bad production and inability of the band to come up with meaningful lyrics or any catchy parts.
“Lace and Spurs” is a country styled ballad that at least is audible... so it’s OK, for a change.
“Whiskey Sour” is decent for being an indecent noisy rocker… you need to hear it to catch my drift...
“Party Animals” is the band’s own anthem and it’s also OK – an almost carbon copy of “Whiskey Sour”, a rock ‘n roll romp n stomping number... with shouty vocals and hellraising attitude.
Finally to return to their “f@ckin” ways the band decides to go for a wordplay. “Vafancullo” means “FU” in Italian, so when they sing “(L)ight/a/fan’cool” they make it so it sounds almost the same… wow, incredibly original and non-childish… what can I say…
Seriously, they need to practice a lot more and try writing a bit more seriously, because who gives a f@$K anyway?