Parallel Mind - Colossus ADEA

Parallel Mind Colossus ADEA cover
Parallel Mind
Colossus ADEA
Unicorn Digital
I think that the story about progressive rock/metal has gone too far. Every skillful musician seems to be capable to play progressive music, but it’s hardly so. Yes skillful musicians can deliver correct, complete, solid compositions that might be interesting. But that’s all.
In order to produce progressive music (especially good one) you also need to have inspiration. Especially if the reference presents you as a trio that plays in the vein of Rush and Yes... like what happens here with Parallel Mind. The musicians are really good, but the compositions are “empty”. This is deepened by the fact that there are no vocals here. It’s really hard to compose 14 track songs without lyrics and yet manage to not be boring. Something that doesn’t happen here.