Papa Serpiente - Rock Evolution

Papa Serpiente Rock Evolution cover
Papa Serpiente
Rock Evolution
Underground Symphony Records
I may be a little ill-disposed when I comes to Italian bands, as statistically most of the stuff I receive for review tend to be quite flawed with only a few brilliant exceptions . But I’m even more skeptical towards Spanish ones, since they either tend to have too accented singers or just be extreme. Comparing the sheer size of the countries, the scenes just don’t seem to compare.
Bizarrely enough most of the latest stuff from Underground Symphony isn’t too shabby. Papa Serpiente, on their debut album release, a Spanish band founded by drummer Jose Carlos Moreno and vocalist Franco Troise, play classic heavy metal with some power metal aspirations, obviously taking a not from all the “big names” of the 80s. They do have some quite nasal, but not overtly bad vocals that are accented, but it’s not a deal breaker, as it tends to be for a lot of bands and they seem to like what the’re doing and don’t do it too badly either, as it is evidenced by songs like “Rebirth” and “Rock Revolution”. Worth checking out, especially if you‘re Iberian yourself, so this might appeal to you more.