Panzer - Send Them All to Hell

Panzer - Send Them All to Hell cover
Panzer - Send Them All to Hell
Send Them All to Hell
Nuclear Blast
Featuring members of Accept and Destruction this troika of musicians (Schmier, Herman Frank & Stefan Schwarzmann – Herman & Stefan left Accept a little later) would have you expect a lot… wouldn’t it? Herman is responsible for the majority of the music and without writing bad songs, his material is very typical. Schmier has provided the lyrics (sometime political but more often silly generic metal stuff) and along with Schwarzmann co-written the music on a couple of songs.
In reality, this sounds like second rate Accept that might have been better employed, in the main band, if Wolf was actually allowing his “wingman” some more space… with speed/thrash elements... for which MS, is responsible. Because of the fact that all the guys involved are seasoned musicians, this narrowly avoids being a complete piece of shit, but on the other hand, it’s not exactly as good as the sum of its parts, just managing to exceed mediocrity by a bit.
Some songs like “Death Knell”, “Temple of Doom”, “Mr. NoBrain” that are sort of faster and more to the point do work better, while others that are slower and more muscular like the eponymous and a few others seem to drag on a bit more than they should and even if the album is clocking at a little below an hour it feels a little long. There’s a decent enough attempt at Gary Moore’s “Murder in The Skies” given a more aggressive treatment, that’s does not altogether feel inappropriate, unless you’ve heard the original.
Well without writing them off, this “project” isn’t something special. It’s likely to sell by the bucket-load, just because of the names involved, but, it’s not really something that I will remember for a long time. Well produced but very average in result due to the song writing not being that amazing. Maybe next time…?