Palefeather - Palefeather

Palefeather cover
Aftermath Music
It’s a fact that some albums work better in the evening rather than during the day. Sometimes the music of an album should be heard during the moody, dark time of the day so that it can be “experienced” in a strange yet pleasant way. That’s exactly the case with Palefeather.
If you’re wondering who or what Palefeather is, then this answer is simple. Palefeather is a project which was formed by Bjorn Pettersson (In Mourning, Majalis) on guitar, Pierre Stam (In Mourning, ex-October Tide) on guitar, bass, & keyboards & Robin Bergh (October Tide, Aoria) on drums & percussion. The first seeds were planted by Bjorn & Pierre who were jamming & experimenting with different sounds & music than they deal with in their formal bands and when Robin came aboard, the whole project started taking a shape.
Do not expect to hear any metal, extreme or gothic music at all. This is a glum trio which dives into the moody, atmospheric, psychedelic, progressive & post-rock music. The album cannot be described only as post-rock as the guys do not follow the beaten track of post-rock bands. They have added lots of prog rock, psychedelic & atmospheric elements which make ‘em distinguish themselves from a completely post-rock band. That’s the secret behind creating something very interesting & artistic. When most post-rock bands repeat themselves and things start becoming boring after a while, they change their way and temper in order to keep the listener’s interest throughout the album. This is by far the most atmospheric thing a post-rock band will ever be able to achieve.
And do not be misled, we’re talking about 47 minutes of music and 4 songs overall. Here’s my objection. I believe that they should have broken some bigger tracks into smaller ones. It’s like they merge parts just to make a track longer for no reason. If the album had, for instance, 7 or 8 smaller tracks it could have been better & easier to get for the average listener. Then again “Palefeather” can also be experienced from start to finish… the long tracks won’t be an issue for those who do not mind the duration and skip any. I’ve warned you. Better play it at night… even better choose a moonlit night, with headphones (preferable) and travel along with Palefeather to several odd places…