Palace - Master of the Universe

Palace Master of the Universe cover
Master of the Universe
Frontiers Music Srl
Palace is a young Swedish quartet that loves to indulge in melodic rock. Not to be confused with some German metal band with some eight or so albums that was opening for Dirkschneider last year. Despite their young age, they seem to be able to come up with the goods and Palace’s vocals, he doubles at a guitarist too, are reminiscent of a more in check Tony Harnell, with the overall tone of the music too, not to dissimilar from mid-era TNT and their ilk.
I can’t help but say that this is a fairly promising piece of melodic blissfulness, with the likes of the title track “Man Behind the Gun”, “Matter in Hand” and a handful of others being really good, and no actual fillers on the album. If you like melodic rock, it’s very likely that you’ll enjoy Palace’s debut, as they do what they do very very well.