Pain Of Salvation - Be

Pain Of Salvation Be cover
Pain Of Salvation
InsideOut Music
A crack appears in the dark sky. Thunder, lightning and the gift of creation occurs, among purple clouds and earthquake. Premature feelings subside to be replaced by deep thoughts that lead to suffering. Darkness everywhere and the few cracks in the brooding storm clouds are not enough to light our existence. Pain for the dreams we’ve lost, for the unachieved goals of mankind that turned to dust. Ashes everywhere representing our empty shells. Tears, so hot that burn your cheek all the way down your face. A message to God, unheard, unanswered, like all your deepest desires. Suffering, suffering, suffering and then some sorrow to dress us with despair. Lovers die every day to prove the reality of our existence. Birth. Birth of imagination. Birth as the proof of dying. Need for communication, apology for what we finally created. Despair for the change it does not come. Imprisoned in a golden cell of conscience, crying out.
If you can find part of yourself on the above (which actually means that you belong to the human gender) then do yourself a favor and travel to this parallel universe of “Be”. Maybe then you will have the answer why you “cannot remember not being”. An album-purgatory for your sins. The only question remaining is how much pain do we have to feel for our salvation?
Albums like this one are hardly ever released these days. Progress in the real meaning of the term. For those who get the meaning...