Pain - Coming Home

Pain Coming Home cover
Coming Home
Nuclear Blast Records
Hmm, this is funny… multi-instrumentalist and producer Peter Tagtgren created Pain pretty much for fun and to sort of experiment somewhat away from Hypocrisy’s death metal, but some eight albums later it has all taken a life of its own with Peter, even working on another project with Rammstein’s Till Lindemann in the eponymous project, allowing him greater recognition by the mainstream and yet another outlet for his creative urges.
Thankfully for Peter and all Hypocrisy fans, the creation of Pain has kept Hypocrisy quite unaltered in the grand scheme of things without suppressing his non-death metal ideas, which can find a way here and boy have Pain changed quite a bit since the late 90s when they debuted… while the general atmosphere stays sort of consistent, along with the vocals, but the amount of orchestration has staggeringly increased along with the production getting a lot “phatter” and cleaner with almost all “extreme” metal subsiding and being minimized. I’ll give it to PT that by taking that all important decision way back then; this has kept his “band” quite intact and focused but hasn’t stopped him from musically expressing himself.
There are a few nice tunes here from the mission statement opener “Designed to Piss You Off”, to the rather direct and wannabe-funny “Call Me” that is only spoiled by the inclusion of Sabaton’s Joakim Brodén, who’s one of the worst vocalists ever, but somehow immensely popular and by the way on the same company which just wishes to cross-promote things a bit here, apparently by this parody of “Genie in the Bottle”, which “criticizes” the ca$h hunger of our modern age and quest for thrills, or does it (?), the poppy “A Wannabe” along with the equally poppy “Natural Born Idiot” the almost acoustic title track or the quite hard hitting “Pain in the Ass”
Industrialists and fans of Rammstein, Samael’s “electro-phase” and I dunno big Al’s Ministry and other projects will likely dig this along with whoever else has contracted their “virus”. I remain somewhat unimpressed, but entertained, which I guess is what matters.