Pagandom - Hurt as a Shadow

Pagandom Hurt as a Shadow cover
Hurt as a Shadow
Gain / Sony Music
I can’t even understand how the 3$#$# these guys got a contract with Gain/Sony, but hey Avatar have one and even seem to be getting a bit of a following little by little, so this teaches you that if you’re tenacious, even if you’re pretty “bah” you can make forays into success…
Pagandom – which I’ve never heard of before – are a thrash metal band from Sweden that released a sole album after several demos in the 90s and then disbanded.
Apparently their guitarist and vocalist replaced the two other guys and did a festival in 2014 with the intention of a one-off simply turning into an album, due to “demand”. Really, they might have been an influence to the young and impressionable Gothenburg scenesters back in the day, but in reality, especially in 2016, their punkish thrash sounds terribly dated, in every respect. It’s not exactly horrible, but it’s pretty passable.
Basing much of their return on successful musicians from the scene having been their fans, this doesn’t impress me much, if at all and I’d rather waste my time with something new and exciting, instead of these guys, who can at best write a decent riff, but not much more.