Pagan Altar - The Time Lord

Pagan Altar
The Time Lord EP
Shadow Kingdom Records
Pagan Altar, are a band that attempted to make a mark, during the height of the NWOBHM phenomenon, back in the early 80s, but never managed to actually make it to the vinyl stage around that period. They were a quartet, that indulged into a post-sabbath, secular themed doom with a rather unique vocalist, a gentleman by the name of Terry Jones that epitomized the phrase “love it or hate it”! Based around London, they gigged locally through their 8 years of existence back in the day, when they weren’t attempting to build their own studio facility, where they managed to record at different points in time, enough material to fill at least 4 or 5 albums, portions of which saw the light as cassette releases.
A limited bootleg, release, by a shady stateside corporation named “Doom Recs”, in the mid-90s I think, that included some of the bands demo tracks taken from one of those cassettes that they released, was met with great enthusiasm, from NWOBHM as well as doom aficionados and was even repressed due to the high demand. That prompted the band to form their own company called Oracle to release their stuff, officially, which they have been doing for a while, licensing it to various, other companies as well in the process.
“The Time Lord”, is a 5 song EP, (with some great cover art) with re-mastered material, originally recorded back in 78-79. If I am not mistaken, some of this material has seen the light of day, previously on another label as a vinyl release, but I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire, over that. You see, the issue, with the band, is not it’s monolithic, riff laden, simplistic doom, as tracks, like “Highway Cavalier”, the title track, or “Reincarnation” are not bad, if not a little predictable, but Terry Jones’ vocals. Some quote them as unique, while others as tonally challenged. I tend to side with the latter, so I haven’t been following them, religiously.
The band has its own cult following, in whose eyes they can do no wrong. For those people, this EP, will be a welcome addition, to their collections. Doom maniacs, are encouraged, to lend an ear, as some of them, might find something that might suit their tastes. More casual users, should be left to make up their own minds I guess, but should not expect, something terribly original, amazing or sonically up to date.
PS: The video here, is from the vinyl and sounds a lot fuzzier, than the re-mastered CD, but there’s no posted sound sample from the CD on youtube yet!