Overland - Epic

Overland Epic cover
Escape Music
Things are easy here. You either know who Steve Overland is and you proceed or if you haven’t heard of him better turn away and try to read about the latest modern hardcore, metalcore extreme band that’s trendy nowadays. There’s always the possibility that you’re really young and you try to find a way among the today’s chaos so here ya go.
Steve Overland, the voice of FM and Shadowman (among other projects/bands like: Wildlife, The Ladder, Phenomena, AOR etc.) is back with a new solo album almost 5 years after “Diamond Dealer”. Steve has a bunch of renowned musicians by his side such as: the guitarist/songwriter Mike Slamer (City Boy, Seventh Key, Steelhouse Lane, Streets etc.), the guitarist Christian Wolff (Johnny Lima, Axel Rudi Pell, On the Rise, Rob Moratti etc.), the bassist Larry Antonino (Unruly Child, Sircle of Silence, Hurricane, Marcie Free etc.) and the drummer Jay Schellen (Unruly Child, Hurricane, GPS, Sircle of Silence, Air Pavilion etc.). Ain’t that great?! Wait cuz’ there’s more. There are also guest appearances by Billy Greer (Kansas, Seventh Key, Streets) & Billy Trudel (The City, Marc Jordan, Public Domain etc.) on backing vocals and the keyboardist Fredrik Bergh (Street Talk, Northern Light, Rob Moratti, Phenomena etc.) who plays additional keys on “Liberate My Heart” and “Down Comes the Night”. I know we should always take things with a pinch of salt but luckily this doesn’t apply here.
The songwriting is quite strong. This album has several catchy melodic rock/AOR tracks like: “Radio, Radio”, “If Looks Could Kill”, “Stranded”, “Down Comes the Night”, “So This is Love”, “The End of the Road” that will make your day. Additionally, “Liberate My Heart” is an astonishing & very emotional AOR power-ballad. The album has been produced, arranged and mixed by Mike Slamer. It does have a crystal clear & efficient “Slamer sound” all over it. You can tell it if you have delved into Slamer’s works generally. Christian Wolff has penned most of the songs here but I think Mike Slamer must have put his hands in them as well. For instance “If Your Heart’s not in It” is a very hi-tech AOR with prog-ish touches… which truly reminds of a few Slamer songs.
“Epic” is without any doubt a very enjoyable & refined melodic rock/AOR album. Every track has been delivered with care & passion. It might as well be Overland’s best solo release to date.