Myrath - Tales of the Sands

Myrath Tales of the Sands cover
Tales of the Sands
One might argue that this was an album released, last year and that presenting it now, might be untimely to say the least, but I will digress such notions, as I honestly believe that timeless and great music should not be bound to such lowly criteria and conventions.
While, shops in Greece, refuse steadfastly to stock this masterpiece of a record, too busy seemingly selling overpriced “masterpieces” that are being advertised in magazines and online, promoted, by ass-wiping, third rate, wannabe musical journalists, who seem too eager to turn a deaf ear to many a talented bands, just because, they’re “not distributed” locally, these Tunisian guys have been busy, going around Europe with the likes of Orphaned land and Tarja Turunen and establishing a name for themselves.
Myrath, means legacy in Tunisian, and the band (formerly known as X-tazy) started out as a covers band, while most of their members were still in their mid-teens. Many years have passed since their formation in 2001, and this third album brings the culmination of the bands efforts to fruition. The experiences of the previous albums have been refined and distilled to perfection producing an almost perfect album of oriental tinged metal.
The closest thing comparable to Myrath would be a more oriental flavored version of Kamelot. Obviously, bands as diverse as Orphaned land or Canadian Psych-folk-rockers, The Tea Party have experimented with mixing world music elements with rock before, but no other band that I have heard before, has managed to infuse its traditional influences into rock/metal so effortlessly and so seamlessly as our folks in Myrath have.
Most of the compositions on “Tales of the Sands” are mid-tempo, but that should not frighten away potential listeners, as they never become stagnant thanks to their varied rhythmical style and clever use of their exotic influences.
“Under Siege” has flourishes of oriental keys and female vox throughout and an endearing chorus too.
“Braving The Storm” follows the same formula, but manages to overcome any similarities, with a chorus, that’s big and bold and made of pure gold!
“Merciless Times” which is also the single for the album comes across as a mix of the previous two songs, but is even catchier, believe it or believe it not!
The albums, namesake, is another precious jewel, that shines ever so brightly. In this song, the band opts for a chorus in Arabic, that works just as beautifully, as anything else on the album.
“Sour Sigh” is a far darker and more somber song, with strong prog undertones, that beg comparison to Conception among other things.
“Dawn Within” loosens things up a bit, with its mellower atmosphere, much in the vein, of some ballads by the latter day Kamelot.
“Wide Shut” is a bit more idiosyncratic. It’s a prog tune at heart, with a very prevalent eastern musical motif, repeated throughout its duration.
“Requiem for a Good-bye” is again, in the vein of Conception. Think “My Decision”, something riffy, yet elegant.
“Beyond The Stars” lands, crushing down the gates, with some really impressive and high-tech percussion. And while it doesn’t betray its intentions straight away, another one of these beautiful “Tunisian” choruses kicks in and just steals the show along with your heart...
And finally “Time to Grow” wraps things up in a “Flow” kinda way...
Wow! It’s just as if someone, took a couple of Kamelot albums, a couple of Conception albums and the soundtrack to Prince of Persia, and threw them all into a big melting pot, fashioning Myrath’s latest and greatest creation out of the amalgam of the aforementioned influences!
Knowing how “important” the bands I quoted above are, you should as well understand that Myrath, have indeed come up, with something very unique and worthy of your attention!
Congrats Myrath, for making an almost flawless album. I’m deeply impressed, very thrilled and a big fan!!! I just hope that the desert winds, will bring you to Greece, for a performance one of these days!