Mosfet - Screwing the Devil

Mosfet Screwing the Devil cover
Screwing the Devil
Refused Records
Mosfet must think they’re the first band to mix rock & roll with thrash death… the whole idea was post millennially, given a rather strong presence with Dimmu Borgir offshoot “Chrome Division” and former Arch Enemy’s vocalist Johan Liiva’s Hearse being pretty obvious examples, but with people like Gehennah in the 90s continuing the tradition of Motorhead and Tank.
There’s a certain ground rule for this type of music. It’s simplistic so you cannot expect anything particularly challenging on the musical side of things, but when a riff is good there’s humor and there’s a singer with personality and attitude, it tends to work. In the case of Mosfet, it kinda works more or less in places… the lyrics are typically juvenile, (ie “Deep Dark Hole” and “Sexbot”) but their riffs, derivative as they might be in quite a few places, mean business… so without really exceeding anywhere in particular, their simple but fun approach might alleviate the headache after a hangover… or not…