Moonrise - Stopover - Life

Moonrise Stopover - Life cover
Stopover - Life
Lynx Music
I’ve always kept an eye on this inimitable band from Poland, which, auspiciously, released its 3rd album almost 3 years after “Soul’s Inner Pendulum”. This time the band has a new singer, Marcin Jajkiewicz, who joined them in 2011. He has a suave & colorful voice and I think that it was a good choice in the main.
Without any distinctive differences from the previous works, Moonrise keeps delivering this smooth, easy on ear, neo prog, rock, with atmospheric, ambient, AOR & melodic rock melodies music. Mostly based on dreamy landscapes, splendid guitar & sax solos along with atmospheric & moody passages… Moonrise continues to impress with their nifty song arrangements and their refined harmonies. The album was recorded in Island Music Studio, which is owned by the band’s leader, Kamil Konieczniak. The production is incredibly clear & smooth.
Bits from IQ, Arena, Marillion, Pendragon among others are all over this album… further embellishing the band’s sound. The album flows in the same pace more or less and you are about to enter one imaginary soundscape after another… as long as it lasts. I was actually captivated by its, soft, classy and sophisticated musical allure. Assuredly, it will work better if you try to listen to it at night time, with headphones, or in a candlelit room along with a glass of good red wine. What a tasteful soothing & distinctive release indeed… I can say that this is the band’s top moment as yet…