Molten Trail - Striving for the Sky

Molten Trail Striving for the Sky cover
Molten Trail
Striving for the Sky
Heart of Steel Records
Molten Trail is an interesting case as they as a prog ensemble, led by a Lithuanian keyboard player, Vytautas Diskevicius that had cut his teeth with SBS, and had his fingers kept busy with a few other projects, like a heavy/power act Soul Stealer, participated in a one-off backing band for John Lawton (former frontman of Uriah Heep), and worked with the Vilnius City Opera company in rearranging classical arias for a rock band.
Prior to all that, Diskevicius, had participated in various bands in his homeland, with the most famous one being Ruination and provided the music for 2008’s Eurovision selection for his country, “Nomads in the Night” a rather mellow selection. For this project, Diskevicius, pretty much plays everything bar the guitar solos, for which Martin Miller, a German guitarist of considerable talent has been brought in. Also Rick Lang, a Swedish drummer, provides the “battery”. Three different vocalists have been utilized to flesh out the fifty minute epic, American rock singer Steven Mesropian and two Swedish vocalists: Rob Lundgren and, most notably, Erik “Ez” Blomkvist (Platitude, Seven Thorns, Dreamscape). They all work well on their assigned material and don’t sound too much different, with the exception maybe of Blomkvist.
The songs range from melodic power metal to neoclassically inspired hard rock, with an emphasis on keyboard melodies (of course!) which lends an air of pomp, prog and circumstance... The dramatic “Down the Vortex” (SM), the sensational “Hopeless, Helpless, Homeless” and the celebratory “Rise” (both RL) the very neoclassically inspired “Let My Heart Go Down in Flames” (EEB) and the epic and brooding “Highway Ghost” (SM) are one and all, pretty good examples of good songwriting.
A project that I would definitely keep my eyes one, and a set of singers, that slowly seem to be turning in some pretty nice performances through these somewhat lesser known projects… but then again that’s even how Jorn started his career too…