Michael Tracy - Still Got Soul

Michael Tracy Still Got Soul cover
Michael Tracy
Still Got Soul
TW Music Group
Among the numerous albums that are being released very single day, there are a few that stand out from the very first listen… these albums that “show” that there are still talented artists/bands out there and trying in every way they can to produce and release music that has soul and comes from the heart.
“Still Got Soul” is one of those releases that as its title says… it does got soul among other things. Michael Tracy is a talented vocalist & songwriter that present his new work almost two years after this previous one, but this time via his own independent label. Michael this time search to find the apt producer to work with and finally he found the right one in Sahaj Ticotin (Ra). They both worked together in 2016 and in 2017 they started working on Michael’s new studio album which they co-wrote and it was produced, recorded, and engineered by Sahaj in April and May 2017. The album was also mastered by Paul Logus of PLX Mastering.
I think that Michael managed to release an album that blends all his music influences (Bon Jovi, Tom Petty, Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen etc.), along with his personal rock & roll stigma. All the tracks are easy listening, but there are some like “Still Got Soul”, “My Lisa” among others that are very catchy and radio-friendly. Tracks like the abovementioned ones are fine examples that rock music is still alive and got soul & quality. If you fancy melodic rock, pop/rock, rock, rock & roll music with nice choruses and a great sound, then look no further, cuz Tracy’s new album “Still Got Soul” will surely make your day. This album got tracks that you will still be listening for quite some time and sing-along their choruses…