Michael Schenker Fest - Revelation

Michael Schenker Fest Revelation cover
Michael Schenker Fest
Nuclear Blast
I dunno what to make about Schenker’s Fest most recent effort. I mean while I pretty much liked “Resurrection” and I think it’s a nice enough thing that he can keep all his former vocalists in the arrangement, I think that releasing an album after every year, first the live then “Resurrection” and now “Revelation”, has made the songwriting suffer a little bit. I mean Schenker is himself and as long as he keeps himself dry he’s one of the best, there’s ever been, but maybe taking a small Sabbatical would be creatively rejuvenating.
A lot of the songs on this album sound rushed and their verses hardly build up. While the choruses tend to be worthy… they don’t contrast or release any tension that verses would normally build, sounding more jammy than actually properly written and fleshed out ideas. For the most part, Schenker comes up and applies some cool soloing, apart from a couple of cases where I thought, he was just in for the ride.
Including a younger stronger vocalist like Ronnie Romero, for a song “We’re the Voice”, makes more damage, by contrast, than offer something to the album. The 3 songs where all vocalist take turns, again feel like a mixed bag… with probably “Sleeping with the Light On” being the better of the bunch, despite “Old Man” being quite decent and “Rocksteady” growing up on me after a few plays. There’s at least a rather decent song for every vocalist like “Under a Blood Red Sky” with Doogie White, “Crazy Daze” with Gary Barden and whoever it is that’s doing those insane voce di strega highs (could be him), “Still the Fight” with Graham Bonnet and “Lead You Astray” with Robin McAulley and even parts of the other songs they’re on can be worthwhile, but I still think that if some time was taken off between the albums it would be for the better, because this is an album where the band just goes on running on empty… not on fumes, but still this is not exactly Schenker and co, at their best…
“Revelation” is an album that lacks cohesion and flow but it is decent largely, due to the high pedigree of its proponents. Then again it’s not as good or great as Schenker has shown the ability to be, time and again. Take a breather and come back with the “Apocalypse”!