MethysOs - Jukai

MethysOs Jukai cover
Lost Atlantis Records
MethysOs (Greek word for drunkard) is a band from Cyprus, formed in 2011. They released a demo in 2012 and their debut full-length in 2016. “Jukai” is their sophomore and most efficient release in every part. The album is built around stories of the Greek, the Japanese and the Scandinavian civilizations. The album’s title “Jukai” is the Japanese word for “sea of trees”.
The band’s music is basically folk metal that has various atmospheric, melodic, dark, pagan, and extreme elements. I prefer the melodic side of the band better that is wonderfully accompanied by the folk melodies & instruments. Marios’ (aka Kenji) vocals are very good and I think there’s no reason to add extreme vocals to some tracks… after all, folk metal does not necessarily have to do with extreme metal, and in truth to be told, that extreme folk thing has been overdone during the last decade or so. I should also mention that the production is powerful and clear, so it’s easy to hear every single instrument, as well as the vocals & the narration parts. The album was produced by Kyriakos Erodotou and mastered by Mike Kalajian.
“Jukai” is a very mature and complete work by a talented band that tries to find their position in the ocean of the metal scene. Those who fancy folk metal with melodic & atmospheric elements had better check out “Jukai” without ado. In any case, MethysOs is a band that has all the potential to grow bigger over the next years…