Metatrone - Eucharismetal

Metatrone Eucharismetal cover
Metatrone (“metaphysical throne of God”) are an Italian quintet that has so far released three albums and seems to combine a power metal nature (with a clear a modern production and a lot of keyboard action) with occasional brutal outbursts and with “Christian” lyrics and Catholic traditions. White metal if you will.
The band formed by Father Davide Bruno (keyboards, a priest of the Archdiocese of Catania – Italy), Stefano Calvagno (guitar) and Jo Lombardo (vocals) has a couple of new band members Dino Fiorenza (Billy Sheehan, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert) on bass and Salvo Grasso (Hypersonic, DenieD) on drums. Their chops are quite “good” but the production is a little too clinical and somewhat lifeless. Did I mention half the lyrics tend to be in Italian? That might be another “barrier” the potential listener must hurdle through.
While the whole thing comes through as a weird combination of Stryper, Europe and Edguy, with good but accented vocals and the songs aren’t particularly bad, it’s both a too “focused” on a certain demographic as well as a particular effort that it’s unlikely to find great success unless they make them obligatory listening during Sunday school! Hehe….