Meka Nism - The War Inside

Meka Nism The War Inside EP cover
Meka Nism
The War Inside
Independent Release
Orlando based heavy metal band Meka Nism has finally released their latest EP entitled “The War Inside” on May 10th, 2018. As with their other releases, it is more than just a collection of great songs, they have something to say. “The War Inside” isn’t just a catchy metal name; it refers to the struggles that everyone faces in their lives.
The opening track for which the EP is named, “The War Inside”, starts out with keyboardist Jay Adkisson playing a very soft delicate introduction. Just when you think this is going to be a ballad, Chris Lane’s thunderous drums kick in along with guitarist Bobby Keller’s rapid-fire licks.  When Ms. Meka starts to sing, you are in awe of her range. She starts out with a growl then in a moment’s notice, she switches gears and sings with a beautiful soaring melody.
Next up is “These Years of Silent Screams”. This song starts out like it was shot out of a canon with epic drums and guitars. Of course, Ms. Meka’s vocals are spot on and she knows how to use that wide range of hers perfectly.
One of my favorite tracks is “Trailblazer”. Every member really shines on this track. The solid backbone of bassist Jarret Robinson and drummer Chris lane really allow everyone a perfect framework. As for Bobby Keller, he was more than just playing guitar. His playing was like he was in a duet with Ms. Meka.
My other favorite is “Arrows of Alchemy”. As with all their songs there is a positive message, and with this one its about pushing through your obstacles to achieve what you want. When Bobby’s melodic solo ends and that last note stretches into Jay’s keyboards is perfection!
The final track of the EP is “Black Sky (It’s not over yet)”. The first half of the song is Ms. Meka delicately singing while accompanied by keyboardist Jay Adkisson. At the half way mark the song kicks into high gear as all the other members join in and finish the song in powerhouse fashion.
All in all, this is an impressive effort. The songwriting and playing are years beyond a band that isn’t signed to a record deal, and you would never realize that this is an independent release as the production value rivals any major label offering. If this EP is any indication of what Meka Nism is capable of, I am really looking forward to when they release their first full-length album.