Mehran - Subrerranea

Mehran Publishing Company
Mehran is an Iranian flamenco guitarist who currently lives & works in Chicago. He is already known worldwide after the release of his debut album, “Angels of Persepolis” in 2010. Now, after two years, he’s back with “Subrerranea” a concept album that’s filled with fantasy and fiction but has also got an underground social & political memo.
In the band’s own words… “Subterranea” is an imaginary, surrealistic and utopian society that lies a few thousand miles beneath the earth. It exists in a different dimension than the one we humans live in. The inhabitants are mirror images of the modern man yet on an opposite path from us. As we, humans, are moving towards weakening the earth’s axis and our rulers run our societies with greed, aggression, exploitation, and have nearly brought the world to a spiraling collapse, Subterraneans are moving towards transcendence, longevity and live in harmony with nature. Pride and ego are meaningless concepts to them. Humility and selflessness are the bases of their being. Symbolically, Subterranea is a constructive social criticism. It is a yearning for a better society and a glimpse into an alternative reality for mankind.
“Subterranea” can be described as “world music” (as some say) but I think this is not the only thing about this album. You see, the flamenco guitars are wonderfully blended with prog, atmospheric, rock, jazz, pop, classical & melodic elements… delivering an amalgam of interesting, innovative, though-provoking yet melodic, easy-listening & instrumental music. You will be carried away by the laid-back, harmonious, tasteful but also fascinating performances… while you’ll find yourself unable not to give in to its magnificently alluring & enchanting atmosphere. The production is very good and clear & was done by Mehran. The album was recorded, mixed & mastered at JGM studio, Chicago. Personally, I would prefer the electric guitar sound to be more intense as I am a rocker… but that’s another story.
In a world ruled by irrelevant & untalented people where music has become a copy-paste thing and every artist and band is trying to be “inspired” by stealing the music ideas of the once big ones… it’s encouraging to come across such inspired & stirred works once in a while. “Subrerranea” is a delightful journey of fantasy, world, memories, societal, compassion, mysticism, musical sounds & fine art… where there’s no actual ending but more like a devout infiltration into the spiritual-art of the cosmos.