Mean Streak - Blind Faith

Mean Streak Blind Faith cover
Mean Streak
Blind Faith
ROAR - Rock Of Angels Records
Mean Streak is a Swedish quintet, featuring a couple of Axia (the melodic rockers) and Night Flight Opera members, not to be confused with the girl band that provided wife material for Dream Theater or other ones that shared the moniker neither the Y&T album of the same name. They’ve been around for more than a decade now and this is their fourth album so far.
They perform a pretty standard, straight forward, riffy heavy metal, with decent amounts of conviction and generous amounts of melody, with the occasional standout track in what seems a bit like a desert of “mid-tempo” material. “Animal in Me” is a prime example as is the faster “Love is a Killer” (not a Vixen cover by the way), while there isn’t a single song that’s “bad”.
I could complain a bit about the rather “flat” production and similarity between a lot of the tracks, but as the sum of the band’s efforts seems to bear decent results, at the very least, I would not be too condemning.