Max Navarro - Hard Times

Max Navarro Hard Times cover
Max Navarro
Hard Times
Cherry Lips Records
Max Navarro is an Italian vocalist that was born in Vancouver. Later, he relocated to Italy and in 2005, he started his career along with the guitarist & producer Nick Mayer. “Hard Times” is his new, third full-length, work.
Max’s music is mostly rock from the airwaves as it has pop as well as AOR elements and in general, it has lots of acoustic guitars and relies on his vocal melodies. The album has some fine rock tunes such as: “The Wrong Side”, “Cryin’”, “Winter in Chicago”Poison Girl”... yet, the major problem here is the audio mixing. The bass drum (and the toms as well) is too high in the mix while the guitars are a bit low… that, of course, affects the whole sound of the album. If you do not mind the mixing issue so much… then you will enjoy this CD more than I did. The audio mixing of an album is a very delicate job so if it’s not being delivered properly, it can even ruin some good songs.
Thankfully, things here are not bad at all… however, if the production had been better I would have rated it much higher. When you’re a pro artist you must always take care of things such as this. Probably, a well-known producer in the next album would some add extra points to Max… as he actually delivers good music in general.