Mausoleum Gate - Into a Dark Divinity

Mausoleum Gate Into a Dark Divinity cover
Mausoleum Gate
Into a Dark Divinity
Cruz Del Sur Music
Mausoleum Gate is a Finnish band that attempts to perform lyrically charged classic heavy metal with some higher aspirations for more “artistic” arrangements and adventurous moments. It feels as if someone took some queues from Jag Panzer’s eclectic “violin” melodies and a whole lot of influence by the NWOBHM movement and strapped an OK, but rather limited in range vocalist on top and then recorded an albu, that doesn’t quite manage to live up to its own ambition, of how good it could be…
The playing sounds a bit wooden, the recording while natural, digitally sterilized and the vocalist while he tries his best, inadequate… which is a damn shame, as can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the band’s melodies on “Burn the Witches at Dawn” or “Solomon’s Key” songs that would sound mega, if those issues were “solved”….
A sophomore effort, there’s still time for the band to graduate onto something much better, but they need to try a little on certain areas.