Masterplan - Masterplan

Masterplan cover
AFM Records
It seems that the time has come. The album that all the fans of heavy metal music have been waiting for so long is finally here! What the hell am I talking about??? But, of course, about Masterplan’s debut album! Masterplan, for those who may wonder who they are, is the band that the guitarist Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween) and the drummer Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween) formed with the help of the bassist Jan. S. Eckert (ex-Iron Savior), the keyboarder Axel Mackenroot and the super singer Jorn Lande (Millenium, ex-Ark). That’s a really impressive line-up! Well, I don’t think that anyone should have any doubts about the capabilities of each member of the band and especially about the songwriting.
I honestly don’t know where to start from! Those guys released a superb album that I had been longing for such a long time. Heavy metal to the bone! I really hadn’t listened to a heavy metal album that has many and impressive hard rock and power metal elements in a long time. Every song is just better than the other. Masterplan show how metal music can be sensitive, fast, slow, true, dark, raw, aggressive, epic, and at least atmospheric at the same time! It’s just incredible how these guys managed to release such a damn good debut album. So, for all those who didn’t believe that Roland and Uli could do something truly good, this album is the answer. The album has a great variety from song to song and all the heavy metal fans will love it. I know that’s really hard to refer to some songs ‘cause I will be unjust to the ones that I’ll leave behind. But If I were under the gun I would choose the hymn “Kind Hearted Light”, the unique Lande’s duet with Kiske “Heroes”, the heavy “Crystal Night”, the mysterious mid-tempo “Soulburn” and for the end, the incredible and melodic “When Love Comes Close”.
As I told you before, all the songs in this album are great. Also, the production is crystal clear and, for sure, it gives the result an extra boost. I believe it is useless to say how really well each member plays, but I will refer to Jorn’s unique voice cause he is one of my all-time favorite singers! Jorn’s voice tone is amazing and, of course, he has added so much more to the songs that they wouldn’t have been the same without him. This guy is one of a kind! I consider him to be one of the three top singers of our time! The truth is I can write many more things about this terrific album, but I know that it is better for you to buy it, so that you can have the chance to feel it and enjoy it with all your senses. This Plan is beyond doubt, a Master one!