Marvin Ayres - Harmogram Suite

Marvin Ayres
Harmogram Suite
Burning Shed
Marvin Ayres is a producer/composer/musician that started out his career in the 80s and has contributed with artists like Culture Club, Simply Red, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Prefab Sprout, so far. As a solo artist Marvin Ayres has recorded a diverse selection of ambient, modern classical and “string design” albums as well as having produced various film soundtracks, sensual jazz and modern classical music in general.
His latest work “Harmogram Suite” presents a more ambient, atmospheric and rather emotive but also intense side of Marvin. It is a creation of ambient & modern classical soundscapes with cellos, violins and violas; a music piece divided in six movements, over-dubbed with one hundred and forty layers, with every single part played by Martin except for the fifth movement, which uses a choir.
The different recording & playing techniques along with the recording set ups and textures did help Marvin to deliver a realistic, atmospheric & ambient orchestral-like arrangement… in a minimalistic point of view. The actual album was recorded in 5.1 surround-sound, consistent with the holographic concept and of course, it will make an impact to those who have the appropriate system to play it. Marvin proves that the recording procedures and new technologies are as important as the music compositions themselves. The CD is accompanied with a bonus DVD, which contains four music & visual works - two of them live - as well.
This is not easy-listening and for every time of the day or for all kind of listeners. It will require a small “ritual” so as to feel its deep, esoteric and dramatic ambient-psycho-soundscapes. You’ve been advised… proceed carefully… only for the bold ones and those who are fond of such “weird” music landscapes…