Lucid Dreams - Build and Destroy

Lucid Dreams Build and Destroy cover
Lucid Dreams
Build and Destroy
Independent Release
Lucid Dreams is a nice lil band that has been going on since 2007 and took some time before releasing their self-titled debut, but didn’t take quite as long with their sophomore album. They play this melodic, energetic hybrid that feels like a concoction of Pretty Maids, mid-era Jaded Heart, Pink Cream 69 and so on.
Fredrik Nordström (Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, Dream Evil, Dark Tranquillity, Firewind etc.) is responsible for the album and has given it an edgy sound… unlike their debut this time the band sounds edgier and harder, which on occasion they manage to pull great, with the opener “Wings of the Night” being a crushing example of well performed European power metal with “claws”.
“Hellbound” is more mid-tempo, but maintains the melody as does the somewhat more epic “Fear No Evil” with its pronounced guitar riffs.
“Absence of Innocence” tries to be more atmospheric and lyrical and it’s pretty much on target, if not a little too long… (fun fact – I had to rewind the song, because I had to answer the call of nature, I could hear the song blaring from my room, but I thought I was hearing – Farewell/Auf Wiedersehen, from a distance and I was like WTF? Yeah obviously being some 10 meters away and behind closed doors can play it “funny” games with your mind).
The title track is even more “metal”, but feels a little underwhelming for some reason, it’s not bad by any means, it just feels a little different to the rest, in terms of tone and with “High Heeled Devil” on its heels, which is expectedly a tad more “hard rock” influenced metal, it doesn’t quite feel like it belongs to the album, actually both tracks fell quite confusing, somewhat disrupting the flow of the album, without being horrible.
“Shanghai Cyanide” resumes the harder edged sound style and is a markedly improvement over the past couple of tunes…
Last but not least, “Eye of the Storm” with its triumphant key fanfares, manages to barely escape with its pride intact, as it feels like a bit of an uneasy marriage between melodic rock, with some neoclassical and epic metal touches... not entirely gone wrong, but en route to the island of disaster…
A marked improvement over their debut and in almost no time, if they can keep going at this pace, they could be up to really good things, pretty soon. A little bit more “care” on the material selection would take them a long way… cuz the talent and ability are already there and it shows.