Lover Under Cover - Set the Night on Fire

Lover Under Cover Set the Night on Fire cover
Lover Under Cover
Set the Night on Fire
Escape Music
Lover Under Cover may be a new name in the Scandi rock scene but its members ain’t new at all. The idea that started almost 30 (!) years ago, finally became true now. Mikael Carlsson who is the mastermind & the songwriter of the band finally managed to cooperate with his old pal Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream, Salute, solo, Heartbreak Radio etc.). The other guys of LUC are: Martin Kronlund (Phenomena, Dog Face, Gypsy Rose, Salute, Radio Silence etc.) on guitars & Perra Johansson (Coldspell) on drums. There are some guest appearances on the album from: Michael Larsson (Coldspell) on guitars, Ged Rylands (ex-Ten) on keys, Tor Erik Myhre (Jorn) on guitars & Katarina Häger – the voice on “Hero”.
Surely with such names on board you can’t wait anything more than fine melodic rock/AOR music. And that’s the actual point here. Mikael has a terrific voice that fits this kind of music perfectly. I have enjoyed his performances in all the bands/projects he has participated so far… but especially on Last Autumn’s Dream. Of course, LUC is not a LAD copycat or something like that. Definitely, the band is influenced mostly by the Scandi rock scene but LUC have a contemporary flavor in their music. Sometimes they are a bit more “hard rocking” like in the exceptional “Flash in the Night” but they never lose their melodic side no matter what. Moreover, the great & powerful production, which was done by Martin Kronlund is giving the album that kinda “modern” and rockin’ sound. Well, it’s hard to go wrong with Kronlund huh?!
All in all, the album is rather enjoyable in every level. It’s almost impossible not to like this kind of music and not to find several pleasurable tunes here. “Set the Night on Fire” is a really nice debut album by Lover Under Cover, but I’m sure that the best is yet to come. Let’s hope the guys are here to stay for they do have more to give…