Lonewolf - Raised on Metal

Lonewolf Raised on Metal cover
Raised on Metal
Massacre Records
Lonewolf have been going on since the early 90s even though it took them nearly a decade to properly debut in the early 00s. These unrelenting and unrepenting Alpian metallians are back with their ninth album so far and despite only Jens Borner being the sole remaining member since their beginning, they seem to have managed to persevere through the ups and downs and to have kept their style pretty consistent throughout the lineup changes that have occurred.
Their style is still the same Running Wild meets Grave Digger hybrid, with a passion that’s undeniable, similar to that of Germanic warriors Wizard. New guitarist Michael Hellstrom has a variety of neat little sharp riffing in his bag of tricks and he lets loose with the rhythm section pounding away sturdily as the backbone of it all. If you like the aforementioned style and band’s almost every other song will actually feel like a winner in your eyes...
The songs are simple to the point, reminiscent of what was good about 80s straightforward metal and if there something that has me on the fence is Borner’s vocals… you see he’s more Boltendahl than Kasparek, when most of the song might have benefited if this was the other way around. Still he sings with such conviction and passion that you cannot help but want to slightly overlook his flaws…
More majestic, than say Majesty and other similar bands, these “frogs” know their metal, as they were raised on a healthy diet of iron and steel! dunno if they shit chains as Timo Tolkki had famously said, but damn, they do sound like they should and for sticking to their guns and not changing the style they need to be commended.