Ligro - Dictionary 2

Ligro Dictionary 2 cover
Dictionary 2
Moonjune Records
Ligro is an Indonesian music trio which was founded in 2004 by the guitarist Agam Hamzah, the bassist Adi Darmawan and the drummer Gusti Hendy. “Dictionary 2” is the second full-length album of the band, which was released 4 years after their debut “Dictionary 1”.
Being part of the prog rock, jazz & fusion musical expression, they’ve embellished their own sound with passionate percussion, atmospheric touches, intense experimentations and “stirring” guitar solos. Great musicians/bands such as: McLaughlin, Allan Holdsworth, Miles Davis & Mahavishnu Orchestra among others will cross your mind while you’re listening to this album. The impressive thing is the way this band sounds as one unit and the fact that they can communicate very productively & effortlessly in every part. Ligro when read backwards means “crazy people” in the Bahasa (Indonesian national) language… and I can quite agree with that as all the song arrangements here are a bit crazy & intrepid. The album has a superb sound & it was recorded by Irwan Prasetyo at Pos Studio, mixed and mastered by Danny Ardiono at 69 Studio.
It’s not so easy to go along with these guys as music knowledge and open-mindedness in music is totally needed. Complexity & progressivity are present on all the tracks of the album, while they’re quite playful when it comes to tempo changes & various improvisations. I think this ain’t only for the musicians/artists but do proceed with caution if you’re not into this kind of music.