Ligro - Dictionary 3

Ligro Dictionary 3 cover
Dictionary 3
MoonJune Records
Almost three years after “Dictionary 2”, Ligro, the Indonesian “crazy” trio, is back with “Dictionary 3”. I have presented the band on the previous album review so anyone interested in their story shall check the “Dictionary 2” review.
I think there are no secrets here. Whether you like this “weird” music style which blends prog rock, jazz, fusion & avant-jazz, and it is embellished with atmospheric passages, passionate experimentations, strong percussions and “extreme” guitar solos or not. This time the piano has made a strong impression as there’s a guest appearance by the young Indonesian jazz keyboardist, now based in Los Angeles, Ade Irawan, who was 18 by the time of the recording. There are some fine piano-guitar battles in “Bliker 4” to revel in.
The musicianship is amazing and every guy has given the best out of them. I guess it’s hard to go wrong with such skillful musicians. The production is great and it has a “live” feeling. The album was mastered by Mark Wingfield. This is a very demanding release which mostly addresses the fans of the genre. The abstract experimentations is something that I do not quite fancy that much cuz I prefer melodies of any kind. That’s another story though. This is a kind of music which is commonly based on improvisations so you know what you’re up to as soon as you choose to listen to such an album.