Lewis And The Strange Magics - Velvet Skin

Lewis And The Strange Magics Velvet Skin cover
Lewis And The Strange Magics
Velvet Skin
Soulseller Records
While I sort of found a couple of Soulseller retro-releases to be rather pleasing, Spanish trio Lewis And The Strange Magics, led by the mysterious Lewis P, who plays bass, guitar and sings, plus a keyboard player and a drummer, isn’t much of a serious contender, mostly, because of Lewis’ clumpsy and weak vocal performance. He seems to be singing under his breath, most of the time, unless he attempts an ascension which mostly seems to come in some piercing wail, in a style that seems to mix 60s pop with occult and stoner lyrics. I had trouble understanding if the lyrics were in Spanish or English and after a while I decided it must be mostly bad English (no not the band!). The style, musically is quite convincing, as simplistic 60s pop mingled with early 70s space rock, but this whole 70s worship, which is now spawning countless imitators, is often done much better as a whole.