Krysthla - Worldwide Negative

Krysthla Worldwide Negative cover
Worldwide Negative
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Krysthla is a British extreme band that has been around for a few years now. “Worldwide Negative” is their third release, which mixes a healthy dose of Meshuggah worship with Djenty Godflesh riffs and the occasional foray into things darker and more foreboding are not something that sounds new, heck the entire style did sort of die an ugly death shortly after it’s day in the sun, but no-one can deny these guys dedication to what they’re doing.
In fact their relentless touring in their native UK has landed them a handful on nice spots in festivals etc. Songs like “Negative”, “White Castles” that deceptively sounds timid, until it unleashes a hellish inferno that boarders on black metal for a brief instance and relentless “Psalm of Heartlessness” are among the top moments in an album that’s raw, as it is loud.