Korn - The Paradigm Shift

The Paradigm Shift
Prospect Park/Caroline Records
-“Shit man, I told you back then not to release “The Path of Shitality”. You never listen dude!”
-“Get off my back! I told you I wanted to experiment! I needed to explore nu music paths!”
-“Hahaha! Now we’re making fun of each other?! Are you even listening to yourself?! When exactly did you experiment? When you recorded that shit from your W.C.?!”
-“Yeah, so what? What’s your point here dude?!”
-“What’s my point? Roadrunner sent us the fuck away! Now what are we gonna do?! Our sales have reduced terribly dude!”
-“Hey fella, I’m a musician and I wanted to do things my way. To give my creativity a chance!”
-Shit dude do you even listen to yourself? We both know that we suck big time and it is due to those imprudent modern teenagers that we’re living our rock star dream! Stop scoffing them!”
-“I do not give a shit about anyone. And stop nagging like a little girl. I have a vision for our next album!”
-“Yeah what?!”
-“We’ll bring our original guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch, back and we will make the sound somewhat heavy, pop & modern but without losing our electro/dubstep character!”
-“Hehehe, heavy! Even to this day, I do not understand how a bunch of silly people call us anything that has to do with (nu)metal or rock music! By the way, good idea! And what about the label?”
-“Well do not worry we have our army. We have gotten out of RR, but we still have our loyal fans, so it won’t be hard to find a good new contract.”
-“Swell! I even have a title for the new album!”
-“Bring it over dude!”
-“How about “The Paradigm Shit?!”
-“Ahh sorry, I was mistaken by the quality of our so called music! Hehe! I meant to say “The Paradigm Shift”!”
-“Hahaha, you’re so right big man! “The Paradigm Shift” is the best title we could ever come up with!”
-“Great! Now let’s go sell out shit music to the teenagers!”
-“Ohh boy, I wish the world was only full of teenagers, then we would have been 10 times richer than we are now!”
-“Yeah! But we are also grand musicians huh?!!”
-“Sure!!! Let’s hope that this little chat of ours won’t come up front, especially by this little sucker on Grande Rock!”
-“Ohh f@ck! If it does then we will send our full army of teenagers to bring him down! We’re rich, powerful and popular!”
-“Hell yeah! But we’re not anywhere near to musicians! Hehehe!”