Kill Procedure - Brink of Destruction

Kill Procedure Brink of Destruction cover
Kill Procedure
Brink of Destruction
FC Metal
Kill Procedure feature among others Lou St. Paul and Jeff Curenton of Winters Bane fame (Tim Ripper Owen’s first band) on guitars/vox and drums respectively. With them presumably still a going concern (although they haven’t released an album in 10 years or so) it’s weird to see this “branching” out of the two into something derivative, as this is basically a re-recorded and re-sequenced version of WinterBane’s original 1991 demo, which was done before the arrival of Tim Owens in the band…
The style is a little more aggressive than what it went on to be subsequently; think it as channeling a bit of Megadeth’s and Annihilator’s more melodic moments, but with a lot of personal character and Lou’s vocals also channeling equal parts Mustaine and Waters while trying to mimic Owen’s but not being able to quite do the trick, which is quite its downfall.
The songs are not bad, they just pale in comparison with what the guys came up with for their “Heart of A Killer” debut and this throwback, almost thirty years later under these circumstances, doesn’t seem to be doing the material or the newly minted band any favors, unless they’re able to attract some viable vocal talent to help them onward and upwards. It would be nice to see the band, either under this name or that of Wintersbane, continue forward without having to rely on the past, but that I suppose remains to be seen.