Justin Masters - Good Life Bad Liver

Justin Masters Good Life Bad Liver cover
Justin Masters
Good Life Bad Liver
Independent Release
Justin Masters moved to NY city in 2000 and seeming life moved on, while he got in and out of other people’s bands, playing other people’s songs and music. During all that time he developed the need to follow his own muse and find his own vocation, which he eventually did some seventeen years later, with the songs he wrote representing stories from his adult life, since arriving at the “big apple”. There are ups and down, pretty much mirroring real life, where you are tossed around and at times get a break and then dealt a shitty hand and all that jazz...
Helping Masters on his vision was a friend and former band mate Jason Harrison on drums while the simple, scruffy but quite emotive lead vocals are courtesy of a guy by the name of Zachary Allen from a band called Tempt, with Masters handling guitars, bass and anything else. If you don’t mind the “acoustic” stuff of Bon Jovi, the whole singer/songwriter genre, with all it’s possible variations done in a quite honest and heartfelt way… you won’t have a bad time, with songs like “Crazy Way to Live”, “The Next Time”, “Who Took Our Rock & Roll”, etc., that make up much of Masters debut album. Good stuff…