John Waite - Live: All Access

John Waite Live: All Access cover
John Waite
Live: All Access
No Brakes Records
John Waite, hardly needs an introduction, with some 10 albums under his name, with memberships, in some of the most illustrious rock bands in the 70s in the 80s, such as the The Babys and Bad English, the man has seen the world from the top of the charts multiple times, I guess, yet well in his career he keep on “doing it”, in front of smaller audiences, in smokey bars – with an amazing bunch of musicians, kicking up some serious rockin’ booty. Why? For the love of it I bet! He doesn’t have to prove a damn thing. The inclusion of these songs in collections and films must have left him with a sizable fortune, but the man, is seemingly a musician that has to go out there and strut his stuff, do his thing and that he does, with utmost finesse and with the amazing aplomb!
In this wee, self-produced affair, that comes out, from his own “No Brakes?” label and seems to be available for the time being exclusively at his shows?!” on CD and online from iTunes, fans are treated to a bunch of songs from the golden man’s career that try to cover – oh well – they can’t even start to cover “chapter 1”... apparently, John mentioned, he might be doing more of these, if this proves to be a popular purchase, so this might be fun and a nice memento for Waite fans if he does say 4 or 5 volumes of these, so anyhow, in “Live: All Access” fans are treated to what seems to be live performances culled from Philly Sound, obviously in Philadelphia, PA and Palace Theater in Manchester, NH. Waite and his band of Merry fellows “The No Brakers” that include, Keri Kelli (also with Alice Cooper) on guitars, Rhondo on drums and Tim Hogan on bass, go through a bunch of nice tunes that mix the old with the new.
We’re treated to oldies such as “Change” from John’s debut “Ignition” that is quite an energetic way to start this collection and then the grittier “Better Off Gone” and “If You Ever Get Lonely” both from the recent “Rough & Tumble” are a lot more melodic and sensational and a lot slower, but then again, they display another side of John’s style and talent...
“Head First” is a rockin’ “Babys” tune and it’s quite different, more staccato and a little more screamo, in a 70s way... however! Awesome little gem of a song! And to follow it with the wonderful – “Mr Wonderful” again from the debut (excuse the pun) is kind of wonderful – oops I did it again – haha!

“In Dreams” from the “Temple Bar”, is a measured slow number that really, makes you want to pour a stiff drink and dream of a loved one... oh oh in my dream, I believe and in all your lives you believed in dreams… ooopphh...” someone, please, scrape me off the floor! Damn you JW!
“Evil” is a nasty little, underground nugget from “Rough & Tumble” that livens up the things again and steals your soul, like an evil woman does, without you taking notice...
Finally “Saturday Night” from the sophomore album “No Brakes” – hey hey – see where they came up with the name for the company!? It rocks like there’s no tomorrow and if it wasn’t for a slightly abrupt fadeout, that sounds a little odd, without some sort off a goodnight, goodbye, this would have been perfect, but I guess the nature of “piecing this together” like a little Frankenstein didn’t help much with such a plan!
Well minor qualms would be the “non consistency” of the show and I suppose the fact that the physical form of the CD is a cardboard sleeve. The pros are that you’ll feel that you’re in the middle of the show, the recording quality is SUPERB, the mixing is amazing, and well balanced, I felt like I was in the middle of the first row and believe me I have BEEN there and this is exactly how the man and band sounds like! THAT GOOD! Ehm, obviously 8 songs are too few, but still I loved the “weird selections” he doesn’t even have to play “Missing You”! He still ROCKS, like CRAZY! You get some songs, that you’d not expect to hear that easily, getting played. Maybe if there’s a Vol. 2 people will get what’s “missing” and a whole lotta more, haha!
For me – people head over to John Waite’s site – and to iTunes and get this pronto! Waite-ing for the next installment already!