Ivory - Southern Cross

Ivory Southern Cross cover
Southern Cross
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Ivory are a Belorussian act, debuting after existing for almost a decade with “Southern Cross”. The band was founded in 2008 by singer Sergei Butovsky and keyboard player Dmitry Chernyshevski, following changes in style and direction and ultimately lineup.
The band was able to finish working on their debut after working on it over 3 years. The style is a complex symphonic heavy metal with epic melodies and a rather idiosyncratic style of singing that’s consistent but might take a bit of getting used to, as it’s a bit of a rough baritone that’s not bad, but rather unusual for a style that’s mostly dominated by tenors.
The album includes notable compositions like “Ulysses” inspired by the classic Homerian hero from Odyssey and a conceptual trilogy based on a tragic story of Robert Scott’s expedition “Terra Nova” to the South pole. I suppose it’s a worthwhile effort that stays focused on it’s somewhat cinematic & conceptual style... with my only qualm being that a better master could turn it into a much better sounding album, in all likelihood. Still interesting and worth investigating.